During her 6-month contract at SBS, Tania Safi produced double her quota, reporting on issues from the discrimination Erica James experienced as face of the Trans and Gender Diverse Policy for cricket players to the vicious cycle of Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder. She also wrote articles for SBS on the Lebanese Revolution, filmed and reported on sexual assault in the hospitality industry and prompted the launch of The Feed's IGTV channel.

Eugene Lee Yang talks putting it all online

He's most recognisable as one quarter of The Try Guys but an impactful coming out silent film exposed an entirely new side of Eugene Lee Yang. Friend and former BuzzFeed co-worker Tania Safi sits down with the internet personality to talk process, authenticity and putting your pain online.

Hospo workers speak out about sexual assault in the industry

Just under 90 per cent of hospitality workers reported that they’d been sexually harassed at work; with 20 per cent saying they’d been sexually assaulted. The Feed’s Tania Safi asks: what’s preventing real change?

Is medical gas lighting silencing those with PMDD?

Most women and AFAB (assigned female at birth) individuals have had their pain or mental health concerns misdiagnosed, under-diagnosed or dismissed entirely by a medical professional. But for those suffering from “invisible disorders” like Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder, the silence in Australia is deafening; potentially life-threatening.

Meet the Brisbane inmates changing lives of young women and girls across the world

Period shame and a lack of access leaves many vulnerable women in dangerous situations when it comes to period health. Tania Safi takes a look at the Australian program that’s helping save lives - while teaching valuable life skills.

Playwright Anchuli Felicia King

Anchuli Felicia King is the 25-year-old playwright with the world view of someone who's lived a thousand lives.

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